Thursday, 3 September 2015

Popular UK Attractions for Music Lovers

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Blur, Queen Pink Floyd… do these names sound familiar to you? If not, these are just some of the most popular musical artists and bands who originated from the UK.  Over the years, UK music has greatly influenced modern artists across the globe and this island nation in Europe can be considered a top tourist destination for music lovers.

 A lot of towns boast their very own music landmark. Whether you love jazz, blues, rock, Britpop, or punk, you can definitely find something that’ll tickle your fancy. If you are taking your holiday/trips to the UK, then check out the top music attractions in the country!

1. Abbey Road Studios, London

As a music lover, your journey must begin in Swinging London. When you get to Camden, drop by the Abbey Road Studios. The crossing in Camden is the place where The Beatles took their iconic photo for the cover of their eleventh album named Abbey Road. The studio, meanwhile, is where the band recorded their popular songs.

Photo by Silvia Maggi under Creative Commons Licence

2. Spillers Records, Cardiff

Built in 1894 by Henry Spiller, the Spillers is considered as the world’s oldest record shop. In the past, they sold gramophones, but they expanded to selling CDs and vinyl. They can now be found in Morgan Arcade. Their collection of music is vast, so you can probably find that missing album that’s not available in your country.

Photo by Mongo Gushi under Creative Commons Licence

3. The Zodiac, Oxford

If you are a big fan of Radiohead, Foals, or the Swervedriver, then you should definitely thank the Oxford music scene for helping these bands rise to popularity. The most popular years of the Zodiac range from 1995 to 2007. They became notable after the “Creep” video from Radiohead. They also hosted several gigs of Coldplay. These days, the Zodiac is now officially known as the O2 Academy Oxford. However, the locals still like to use its older name.

4. Liverpool, England

Liverpool is like the Mecca for musicians. The place is popularly known as capital pop because of the Beatles and other big bands that performed at Echo Arena. In addition, the city also hosts the Liverpool International Music Festival and the International Beatles Week. If you’re a big fan of the Fab Four, you can also take the Fab Four Taxi Tour where you can visit different destinations such as Eleanor Rigby’s grave site.

Photo by VGM8383 under Creative Commons Licence

Do you know any other exciting musical landmarks in the UK? Do share them in the comments if you do!

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Korean Food at Bibimbap

I’m attempting to eat around the world without leaving London and this week I had Korean food at Bibimbap.
Bibimbap is small chain of three restaurants that are scattered across the capital; two in the Soho area and one in the City. We went to the one in Soho which is spread out across two floors. It’s a very casual restaurant with a food bar upstairs and a larger seating area in the basement.

Korean Food at Bibimbap

Sunday, 30 August 2015

How to Keep that Summer Feeling Going in London

Technically summer is not over yet, but when I look out of my bedroom window today, it looks like the sun has decided it is. For those of you who are finding it hard to let go of the summer season, here are some tips on how to keep that summer feeling going in London.

Kew Gardens

I love going to Kew Gardens as there is always so much going on there, whatever the season. Even if temperatures are slightly below balmyness, they won't be in the parks' green houses which are home to an abundance of tropical plants and trees species.  You'll walk past coconut and banana trees and, many colourful orchids. Or take a walk on the Treetop Walkway, where you'll enjoy a bird's eye view across the park while being cheered on by the loudly cackling parakeets. You'd almost feel like walking though a Costa Rican cloud forest. Almost.

How to Keep that Summer Feeling Going in London

Pix Bar

Bring back those memories of your holiday in Spain at Pix Bar, where they only serve the best pintxos in the entire city. Wash it down with a chilled glass of unlimited cava during their Infinity Sunday sessions and you'll be transported to the tapas bars of San Sebastian in no time. Check out their website to reserve.

How to Keep that Summer Feeling Going in London

Take a Dip in an Outdoor Pool

There's nothing that screams summer more, than swimming in the great outdoors. Okay, this might gives you goose bumps just thinking about doing this in winter, but there are numerous outdoor pools around the city that stay open year round, and, most importantly, they are heated. There is Hampton Pool which is located smack in the middle of gorgeous woodlands and a stone's throw away from luscious Bushy Park. Alternatively, head to the many retro-style lido's. Many of them, like the London Fields Lido in Hackney and Charlton Lido in South-East London are also great for a winter dip.

How to Keep that Summer Feeling Going in London
Photo by Nat Urazmetova under Creative Commons Licence

Step Out in a Tiki-Bar

With their exotic set-up, exotic cocktails and sexy Latin tunes, temperatures are bound to rise when stepping out in one of the capital's many tiki-bars. Head to Kanaloa London where you can hire a tree house or lounge at the beach or salsa the night away at Trailer Happiness in Notting Hill. They do awesome cocktails too.

How to Keep that Summer Feeling Going in London

Fly to the Winter Sun 

Now if you're still suffering from summer nostalgia, then I'm afraid there's only one thing left to cure it. Get yourself down to your laptop and book a winter sun holiday. No need to go far for some after summer sun either. The south of France, Italy and Spain will still be warm enough to don a bikini, or if you like it a bit hotter, how about the Canary Islands?  Tan lines guaranteed.

How to Keep that Summer Feeling Going in London

I wrote this post, in collaboration with Inntravel. The experiences are my own.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Mongolian Hot Pot and BBQ at Mongolian Grill

I’m eating around the world without leaving London and this week I went to Mongolian Grill in Clapham for some Mongolian hotpot and BBQ.

Admittedly a there’s apparently nothing Mongolian about a  Mongolian hotpot or the Mongolian BBQ, but I can tell you that it does make for a fun filled foodie experience.

Mongolian Hot Pot and BBQ at Mongolian Grill