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Where to Eat in Biarritz

When it rains in Biarritz (and it does that a lot) you eat. And that is pretty much what I did when I spent a weekend on the French Atlantic coast a few weeks ago.

My flight from Gatwick was so early, that I found myself having breakfast in Biarritz at ten in the morning. I found a fresh and modern looking brasserie called La Coupole right by the bus stop where the airport shuttle had dropped me and wandered in for a typically French croissant, baguette and cafe au lait breakfast.

I was way too early to check into my hotel so I took my trolley bag for a wander around town. Besides independent boutiques and quirky home stores, I happened on the Halles of Biarritz; A covered food market with lots of individual food stalls and small eateries. It's on every day till around 2pm and you'll find everything from fresh fruit and veg to ready made tapas. I had another coffee at le Petit Dolmen and indulged in a cherry jam filled Basque tarte.

Wandering makes a person hungry so around l…

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