Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam

After hearing lots of good things about it, I was dying to stay at one of the Citizen M Hotels that seem to be popping up around the world lately. So last weekend I checked into the Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam South.

Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam

The concept of the Dutch hotel chain is completely of this century. Guests are citizens and everything possible is done to make them feel at home, with everything you'd expect of a hotel in this day and age, all for an extremely decent price.

Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam

Check-in is done on self-service terminals and literally take just 1 minute. But don't worry, if you're stuck there's always someone at hand to help you out.

The lobby looks and feels like a cosy living room. There are cosy corners with a fireplace, book cases filled with books and magazines, lazy chairs by a TV and convenient work spaces.

The homey bar offers snazzy cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, coffee and a fridge full of snacks 24-7.

Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam

The first thing I saw when I opened the door to my room, was a toilet hidden in some sort of cubicle. The shower opposite, had a similar design. Trying them out, I was half expecting to be beamed up to another time-space continuum.

Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam

My comfy bed was enormous and perfectly installed in front of a massive flat screen TV, which was controlled by an ultra-modern mood pad. This multi-functional remote control not only allowed me to channel surf, but it also let me set the mood for the room, ranging from romantic, to party and relax. Not feeling all that romantic on my own, I went for the relax mood which greenish light and soothing pling-pling music that subsequently filled the room, literally made me fall asleep in seconds.

Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam

I woke up after a refreshing 20 minute nap and ventured downstairs to the bar, where I ordered my fruity welcome cocktail. All part of the deal of being a 'Citizen' and I like it!

Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam

Wanna stay at the CitizenM Amsterdam too, just click here.


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