Five Weird Museums in Amsterdam

Every trip to Amsterdam will have the Van Gogh, the Anne Frank and the Rijksmuseum on its agenda. However, visiting these will include queuing for a couple of hours. If you don’t fancy that, here are some alternative albeit weird museums to visit in Amsterdam.

The Cat Cabinet

Housed in a beautiful period canal house, this museum is dedicated to everything feline. Besides catty sculptures, drawings and paintings by Rembrandt (!) and lots of other artefacts, there are actual cats wandering about this very quirky museum. Only in Amsterdam.

Five Weird Museums in Amsterdam

Museum of Handbags

Housed in an equally stunning canal-side residence, this museum will take you through centuries of accessorising. Starting with a display of purses from the 1700s and ending with the Chanels and the Louis Vuittons of today. Also interesting for male visitors who have a penchant for history.

Five Weird Museums in Amsterdam

House Boat Museum

Ever wondered what it’s like living on one of those canal boats? Well at this museum, you can. Although, the museum’s interior shows visitors what the inside of a canal boat looked like a couple of decades ago. House boats in Amsterdam look more like floating villas these days. Still worth to have a peek.

Five Weird Museums in Amsterdam

Our Lord in the Attic Museum

This museum is a great example of a clandestine church during the 1660s. This one was built on the top three floors of a canal house. Catholicism was illegal back then, and people came up with pretty inventive ways to practice their religion in secrecy.

Five Weird Museums in Amsterdam

Sex Museum

Of course a visit to Amsterdam isn’t complete without a little bit of naughtiness. This museum in the heart of the city centre, will tell you everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. Go see for yourself!

Five Weird Museums in Amsterdam


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