Spanish Food at Casa Manolo

Spanish Food at Casa Manolo

A new job comes with exploring new places to lunch at. And this week I decided to try out the Spanish food at Casa Manolo.

I'd walked by one in Covent Garden and one in Clapham Junction before, trying to ignore the enticing voices of the delectable pile of jamon sandwiches in the window, but walking around Putney high street this week. I could not resist.

Spanish Food at Casa Manolo

I went in.

This place doesn't just specialise in Spanish cured hams although it is easy to think they do once you're inside. They're everywhere, hanging from the ceiling and wall and laid out on the counter and in the take away section. They do however have a full blown eat-in menu as well with tapas and paella with all the works. There is also a wide selection of Spanish wines from all over the country, but as I was expected back at my desk, I left those for another time.

Spanish Food at Casa Manolo

I was on a time limit though, with it being my lunch break, so I ordered a sandwich with olive oil and of course jamon iberco. It came at a price though; I paid 6 quid for a large baguette, but Spanish ham doesn't come cheap. And it does make a change to the bog standard Pret Sandwich.


  1. Yum those sandwiches look amazing! I love Spanish ham too!


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