Sunday, 21 October 2012

Discovering Hoi An on a Bike

Biking in Hoi An

It's true what they say; The Dutch love their bikes. Well, at least I do. I prefer riding my bike over riding a bus, train or metro anytime. So much so that when I was in Vietnam, I went biking in Hoi An. I was pretty chuffed to find bikes parked in the car park of our hotel. Hoi An is one of those quaint and  wonderful towns to explore by bike. No swarms of motorbikes that you see in some of the larger towns in Vietnam. Hoi An is compact, laid-back and extremely inspirational.  I can see why so many artists settle here.

Biking in Hoi An

My travel buddy and I rode along the streets lined with tailors, art galleries and workshops, pedaling to the tones of mesmerising music coming from speakers tied around lampposts. Greeting the shop owners that were beckoning us to come inside to look at their merchandise. We rode along the river, across the bridge decorated with paper lanterns. We stopped to visit Phung Hung House, one of the many historic Chinese residences and took a peek into Hoi An's past. We visited Quan Kong Temple, the Japanese covered bridge and Chaozhou Hall. We even cycled all the way to the beach.

I believe we were biking in Hoi An for three days, discovering something or somewhere new every day. All I can say is that getting on your bike in Hoi An is a very enjoyable way to explore this extremely charming village. And the great thing is that you don't have to be Dutch to do so.


  1. Looks like a great way to enjoy Hoi An. I usually go for a bike tour whenever I visit a new city and I'm not even Dutch!

    I love the pics of the lanterns btw.