Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sushi and Soho

 Today I strolled around Soho where I ended up in what could potentially be called Little Tokyo; Brewer Street. Ah, Tokyo. My favorite country in the world, when it comes to eating. And not just because I love Japanese food, but I really love all their eating customs and habits. The sitting on the floor, the chopsticks, and the surprise aspect of it all because you don't have a clue what you just ordered.

On a trip to Japan my travel buddy and I had found a place that looked like a decent eatery and walked in. Only to be directed to a machine hanging from the wall. It had a lot of buttons with little stickers printed next to them. Of course all in Japanese. Luckily they also had a display outside with plastic versions of the different dishes they were serving there, looking all  extremely similar.

A friendly couple that barely spoke English helped us figure out what type of meat we could chose from. Learning all those animal sounds when I was 3 years old  finally paid off!! We copied the characters for chicken onto a little piece of paper and headed back to the machine to compare to the stickers. I'm not quite sure if it was indeed chicken I ended up with, but it was tasty anyways.

So yes, I love Japanese food and find myself drawn to the Japanese restaurants and supermarkets on Brewer Street in Soho many a lunch time. And I can order my food here in English. Yet, somehow that infamous chicken dish on my trip to Tokyo has never been equaled. I guess when you have to work that hard to order something, it just tastes better.


  1. Today I'm going to Japanese restaurant in Siem Reap, so I hope to get some good Sushi and maybe I'll order some Soho :) My stomach's crumbling right now :-P

  2. I love the eating customs of Japan as well. I'm based in Korea now and I often seek out Japanese sushi restaurants here, which are plentiful.

  3. And what about Korean food? What's that like? Haven't had the pleasure yet of going there...