Saturday, 10 November 2012

Maltby Market

Maltby Market
Veggie quiches
London is great for markets. Food, antiques, clothes. They seem to be popping up everywhere and I'm absolutely loving it. What I don't love however, are the hordes of people that seem to have the same penchant for markets as I do.
As lovely as they once were, markets like Notting Hill, Camden and Borough are now heaving with tourists and Londoners on the weekends. And I'm sorry to say, to me those are what a market in hell would look like.

Recently I read about a market on Maltby Street. Or rather under the arches of the train tracks on Rope Walk and Druid street and a bit further down around Spa street. The article was raving about it so I decided to check it out today. And the article was right.

It's easy to get to and a pleasant walk from London Bridge train and tube station, not far from trendy Bermondsey street.

It's not a huge market, but the food is just as top quality as on Borough Market and Maltby Market definitely feels more intimate and less crowded. In fact some of the vendors that I know from Borough Market like Monmouth, Neal's Yard Dairy and Boerenkaas have set up shop here as well. Most stalls are situated under the arches but there are also some vendors who cleverly sell their goods from the back of their van.

Maltby Market

It's hard not to buy something when everything looks amazing and smells even better. I indulged in an oven fresh almond croissant with a frothy latte at a French bakery. (I couldn't detect a name unfortunately) They sell a whole host of French cakes and pastries and even mini cannel├ęs de Bordeaux. I bought some cured Spanish ham at Tezino, a box of Christmas and rooibos tea at My Cup of Tea on the Druid street side and of course I couldn't resist buying some Dutch Gouda from Boerenkaas.

Walking back to my bus stop, I passed by the entrance of Borough Market where I could see throngs of people queuing for a pork sandwich. I couldn't help but feeling very smug about my stress free Maltby Street Market experience.

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