Monday, 3 December 2012

Things to Do in Amman

Amman might not be on everyone's itinerary when visiting Jordan, but if you have a few hours to kill like we did last weekend here are some tips on things to do in Amman.

1. Wander around Rainbow Street

This historic area is a delight to spend a few hours. Rainbow street owes its name to an old cinema that used to stand here but since has been torn down. The streets surrounding Rainbow Street are lined with historic houses, art shops and cafes. Take a breather at the Books@cafe where your coffee comes with amazing views across the city.

A Day in Amman

2. Shop in Down Town and its Souks

 From Rainbow it's around a 20 minute walk to the Down Town area where you can practice your haggling skills at Gold Souk and the Sugar Souk. Take a stroll around the Roman theatre and colour yourself lucky that you don't have to watch a gig sitting on them stone benches.

3. Soak up history in the Citadel

From the theatre hop in a cab to the Citadel which perched high on a hill. There are ruins from numerous different eras here, but the best bit is the 360 view of Amman. If you're here during prayer time you can hear the calls to prayer echo across the entire city.

A Day in Amman

4. Visit the Blue mosque

Okay Istanbul it ain't but having to put on an abaya made for a lot of giggling and some good photo ops.

A Day in Amman
Looking good in abayas

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