Sunday, 30 December 2012

Unlucky on a Flight from Malaga to London

Out of luck on a flight from Malaga to London
Photo by Vamapaull
Sometimes I feel my life is like a movie. Not because it's so glamorous, oh no. Quite the opposite.
I was watching the exquisite motion picture Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan on TV the other day, which reminded me so much of me. I'm the loser for whom everything goes wrong. All the time.

Take last night for instance. After having spent an entire flight from Malaga to London next to a screaming child I arrived at Gatwick Airport only to find out that there were no trains to Clapham Junction. My National Rail app advised me to take a train to East Croydon via Wimbledon and possibly even Manchester to get me home. The best travel app ever!

I asked a real person and luckily the Gatwick Express was still operating. However due to Engineering work it was taking a detour which added 40 minutes to my journey. Sometimes I wonder why they call it 'Express' as I could probably have walked faster.

But we got there in the end. Only to find a taxi stand crowded with people and not taxis on the horizon. After what seemed a lifetime, I was at the top of the queue and my taxi was approaching at full speed. Yay! However, he managed to drive over the remains of a vanilla milkshake someone had neglected to throw in a bin which projectile-sprayed itself all over my suitcase and trousers.

To finish off this smooth journey home, I ended up in a fight with the cabbie, because I didn't shut his door properly and the poor sod had to leave his seat to do it himself.

Evenings like that makes me wonder why I even leave my house, let alone leave the country sometimes. But then I remember: they make for great travel stories for my blog!!

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  1. We must have been born under the same black cloud. :o) Pretty much sounds like my life. Maybe this will help you realize you are not alone. A Round-About Way to a Nervous Breakdown