Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Favourite In-Flight Safety Videos

in-flight safety instructions
Photo by aomd88 on Flickr
Do you ever pay attention to the in-flight safety instructions when you sit on a plane? No? Well, I don’t either. And I think with you and me there are millions of other frequent flyers who prefer to read a paper, catch some Zzzzzs or talk to their travel companion during the instructions. They're usually as dull as dishwater. Until the day, God forbid, they're actually needed...

Many airlines have opened up a bag of tricks to try and capture the attention of the weary frequent flyer, by using humor, dance or videos with celebs. Here are some of my favourites:

1.       Air Malta. On a recent flight the air hostesses reminded the passengers to switch off their phone during take-off Gangnam Style! Yep, that’s right. They did that weird, little dance that has taken over the world, through the narrow aisle and even had a pilot stand in as their in-flight PSY.
Check out the Air Malta video here

2.       Air New Zealand. The Kiwi airline made a flight safety video with air crew dressed up as characters from the Hobbit movie and even featured a cameo by Sir Peter Jackson.
Check out the Air New Zealand video here

3.       In December 2011, Cebu Pacific showed passengers who travelled around Christmas time a video of dancing air hostesses while demonstrating how to put on the life vest in case of emergency.
Check out the Cebu Pacific video here

4.       An oldie as well. In 2009 Thomson showed a safety video using children acting as flight attendants. Very high cuteness factor.
Check out the Thomson video here

5.       Air New Zealand again. In 2009 the Kiwi national airline featured a safety instruction video that featured body painted air crew for their domestic 737 services. Yep, that's right. They were wearing nothing but a painted on uniform.
Check out the Air New Zealand video here

They are funny and entertaining, however I don't know how effective these videos were. Especially when you're trying really hard to ignore the NZ crew's private bits.

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