Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dutch Food

I know Dutch food is not refined like French cuisine, but you shouldn't knock our food until you try it. On a recent trip to Holland, I took some friends from London on a culinary tour of Amsterdam. Here's what we tried.

1. Poffertjes

Not sure how to translate this, but I think it's enough to say they are extremely delicious. The mini pancakes we tried were prepared in our presence and served up with a big glob of butter and a thick layer of powdered sugar. Don't eat them any other way.

What to eat in Amsterdam

2. Friet Met

In English this translates as Chips with. With what, you might ask. For the Dutch it's so evident that you'll be having it with mayo, that you don't even need to utter the word anymore. Just ask ask for 'chips with' and your chips will be served with lots of 'with'. To quote the famous line from the movie Pulp Fiction: We do fucking drown 'm in that shit!!

What to eat in Amsterdam

3. Bitterballen

These deep fried balls are usually eaten over a glass of wine or a beer in the late afternoon. I can't tell you what's in them as nobody really knows. And it's probably best left that way. Dip 'm in mustard.

What to eat in Amsterdam
Photo by davidkosmos

4. Snert

Yes, it doesn't sound nor look particularly appealing, but who cares. It tastes great. A dutch winter favorite with lots of bacon, veggies and most of all smoked sausage.

What to eat in Amsterdam
Photo by Harald_
5. Stamppot

Now this one is also eaten in winter only and can consist of any vegetable you like. Just boil it, mash it up with potatoes and add a smoked sausage and voila; you have created a Dutch stamppot. Don't forget to dig a little hole in your pile of mash and pour some gravy in it.

What to eat in Amsterdam
Photo by oalsaker

6. Apple Pie

The way every Dutch person's grandmother used to make it. Lots of butter, lots of sugar and lots of whipped cream. Don't leave it for dessert, this is a meal in itself.

What to eat in Amsterdam


  1. Hey, no Frikadellen? I freaking love that stuff! :)

  2. If I list all my favourite Dutch food, this blog post would go on forever. ;-)

    But yeah, frikandellen! Love them too.

  3. Hmmmm! Lekker!
    We get a little bit of Dutch food in Indonesia like Poffertjes and Bitterballen, I love them, they're like comfort food to me.

  4. That's true! I saw them in Bogor. didn't have time to try them there though... :-(