Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dalla Terra in Covent Garden

If you can’t go on holiday to Italy, let that Italian holiday feeling come to you. Which is exactly what I did with a group of girl friends tonight. We spent the evening being educated on Italian wines at Dalla Terra, an Italian wine shop/ wine bar, in Covent Garden in the heart of London. The decor at Dalla Terra feels very inviting and welcoming, yet it has that ultra modern look that Italians seem to do so well. It's like you're entering someone's private living room, albeit a living room with a bar. The shelves on either sides of the room, are stacked with books and of course wine bottles, there are comfy chairs and there's even a homey fire place, creating that ''home away from home'' feeling. We were seated at the large communal table,  perfect for our girls' night out.

 The wines served at Dalla Terra come from a variety of vineyards in Italy, and the bottles are displayed on shelves for customers to choose from to have in the bar or to take home. The wine collection of wines at Dalla Terra is not one you'll find at say Odd Bins or in the wine corner at Waitrose. The all Italian staff is extremely helpful and actually know a thing or two about wines. They will help you choose your wine and even let you try some before you buy.

We opted for a Fossolupaio and ordered a sharing platter with antipasti and some bruschetta to clear the palate for our second bottle which was a Montessu from Santadi. The food menu is quite light and consists of delightful dishes such as aubergine parmigiana,  toasted foccacia and lobster salad; small dishes that really complement the flavours of the wines.  We ended our cosy, mini holiday to Italy with some grappa shots and generous portions of profiteroles, before heading back into the cold and rainy London night. We all agreed that our night out at Dalla Terra, had felt like a mini Italian getaway. even if it was only for three hours.

Check it out for yourself here


  1. Covent Garden does have a knack for presenting the unexpected. Nice find!

  2. I work in CG and it sure makes my lunch breaks a lot more exciting!!

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  4. I'm flattered! Thanks! I will have a look at the rules soon.