Monday, 25 March 2013

Italian Pastries

On my trip to Italy last week, not only did I discover ancient relics, historic churches and fantastic vistas, I also discovered Italian pastries. Already a big fan of pasta, pizzas and risotto, I welcomed my new Italian, culinary discovery with open... er, mouth. 

It all started one morning, when I was wandering around Sorrento, in search for a place that served breakfast. Sorrento isn't exactly London, so I couldn't quite find anything that was open on a Sunday morning. After walking around a few blocks I walked into an ice cream and coffee shop called Primavera Sorrento. So many pastries in different colours, shapes and sizes were tempting me from behind the glass counter, so the pressure was on. Which one should I pick? The good thing is that most pastries also come in mini sizes so I created a nice little breakfast selection.

Unfortunately I couldn't sample all the Italian pastries, but I did manage to get through these:

  •  Baba Rum: It's kind of like a brioche, the only difference being that the Baba is completely drenched in rum. Make sure you have a napkin at the ready as rum will drip. 

Photo by mariateresat. off flickr

  • Cannoncini: Italians do seem to like their nutella, and I'm no different. I couldn't get enough of this horn shaped pastry, filled with nutella.
  • Italian Pastries

    •  Cannoli: Hard biscuit rolled up like a taco and filled with a ricotta cream and sprinkled with some dusting sugar. 
    Italian pastries

  • Sfogliatina: These are made with puff pastry dough and I've found they can be filled with either custard cream, a lemony cream or of course nutella.
  • Zeppole: These are like profiteroles or cream puffs, but they're filled with a lemony custard cream and topped with cherries.

  • Italian pastries


    1. Hi Jaklien, Happened to see this post and the pastries are making me real hungry. Would like to repost it on facebook, wondering if you are alright with it! :) Let me know how i can tag u too...

    2. I do love a nice Sfogliatina; they're one of my favourites! I've been to Sorento 4 times now and Pompeii 3 times. I love the Amalfi coast and have just returned from 4 days in Verona. In fact I've literally just this minute posted up the food pics. I then read Sarah's (Unknown Housewife) blog and clicked through to all the bloggers she met in London and found you. I like you blog a lot and, as I do a fair amount of travelling (both my businesses are virtual) I wondered if you could recommend a really good carry-on flight bag to fit the guaranteed Easyjet dimensions of 50x40x30. I've fallen in love with the Red Oxx Flight Boss but it's £160 - any recommendations? x

    3. Not sure. I just use a little Samsonite carry on.