Friday, 3 May 2013

Ride Elephants in Bali

I have a thing for animal sanctuaries, so when I heard there was an elephant sanctuary where you can ride elephants in Bali, I got very excited.

Ride Elephants in Bali

So one sunny Friday morning, I was picked up from my hotel in Seminyak by my driver who drove me to the Bakas Elephant Camp. It was a long but scenic drive that went along the south coast of Bali past small villages, temples and rice paddies. The kind of scenery you'd expect to see in Bali.

When we arrived at the sanctuary it was pouring, but that didn't stop my excitement. I paid the 52 USD ( a bit steep, I know) and went in. My ticket, which was the cheapest option included a 15 minute ride so the park rangers ushered me onto one of the elephants, took my camera and started snapping away.

Ride Elephants in Bali
Photo by Pacificklaus off Flickr
The elephant went into a pool, kneeled down in the pool, then stood on its hind legs in the pool. I think it even stood on its front legs in the pool, but that might have been my imagination. All the while I was holding on for dear life, laughing and screaming away, much to the entertainment of the park rangers. My arms started hurting from holding on too tight, and from trying really hard not to slide off the seat.  (Won't post those pics as I don't look very glamorous.) My new mammoth friend did a few more tricks for the camera and then dropped me back off at the platform where I climbed off.

After the ride I walked around the grounds for a little bit and discovered that it's a lovely little park.  There is mini zoo as well where you can pet and hold orang utangs, snakes and reptiles. They also offer packages that include quad bike tours, rafting and cycling, but I thought riding an elephant's back was adventurous enough so after lunch at the restaurant, I called it a day and went back to my hotel in Seminyak.

Regardless of the price I had fun. And you don't get to spend a morning on the back of an elephant every day, now do you?

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  1. What an awesome experience! I rode an elephant once... but it was at a circus so it was a totally different experience. Want to trade memories?