Friday, 13 September 2013

Capture the Colour

I have been tagged by Kirsten Sejersen from traveltogruta in the Capture the Colour competition run by Travel Supermarket. All you have to do to enter is pick your five favourite photos that represent the colours red, blue, yellow, green and white, and voila! So here are mine:


I love autumn and I love it even more when the leaves start to change colour like this branch that was hanging over a wall down my street. It sure made the ugly concrete wall look a lot prettier.


KLM airlines give each and every passenger in their first and business class cabins a little Delfts Blue house filled with Dutch gin. Some frequent KLM travellers are avid collectors of these little houses and I found this KLM gin house village in a stall on an antiques market in Amsterdam.


I like walking around my parents garden in Spain and just snapping away at all the weird and wonderful plants and flowers I find. This was taken just after a rain shower as you can still see the drops sitting on the succulent's leaves.


I went to Sorrento earlier this year and found that this was the city of lemons. Not only is the town set amidst orange and lemon groves, but there are many shops selling lemon soaps, lemon candles and lemon liqueur.


This photo was taken in Riga a few years ago. We were sightseeing and completely surprised by a massive snow shower. However, walking through the snow covered park was a wonderful experience as it felt like there was this white veil of silence that had been laid out over the city. This bridge is the one where lovers padlock their wish for happiness to the bridge, which is a sight in itself, but with the snow covering the padlocks, it looked all the more romantic.

These are my choices for Capture the colour, a competition run by Travelsupermarket. I tag the following bloggers:
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Have fun ladies!