Sunday, 13 July 2014

Exploring the Town of Lewes

I had passed the town of Lewes many a time on a train to Brighton or Eastbourne, but today my parents and I decided to hop off the train and spend a day exploring the town of Lewes.

We started our visit with a wander around Anne of Cleve's House. Anne was one of Henry VIII's wives. Fortunately this one survived her marriage and even got a generous divorce settlement which included this house in Lewes. She never in it herself, but the house gives a wonderful insight into Tudor and Elizabethan daily life and fashion as there is a corner with loads of period costumes. Of course we couldn't resist. The garden was perfectly kept and we sat there for a while enjoying the English sunshine.

Then we went on to the Southover Grange Gardens. I don't think I'd ever seen a public park so colourful as this one. A sea of pink, purple and red hues welcomes visitors when entering the park and it sure was a sight to see. There was a little stream that divided the flowery part from a stretch of lawn that was overlooked by Southover Grange itself. The house is no longer occupied but there is a small kiosk selling coffee and cakes which we enjoyed sitting on the porch of the mansion overlooking the meticulously kept lawn.

Further up the hill, right on the High Street we went to Lewes Castle which is the highest point of Lewes offering far-stretching views of the town and the North and South Downs. It required a bit of climbing, but the vistas were well worth it.

Before heading back to London, we ended our day trip to Lewes with a Sussex cream tea at Lewesiana; a lovely tea shop cum florist. Because a day out in England just isn't complete with a couple of scones.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. It was and it is so close to London. Well worth a day trip.

  3. The Southover Grange Gardens are gorgeous, stunning photos

  4. Thank you. They were indeed stunning.