Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Five Favourite Beaches

Summer in London is great, but the one thing I miss when temperatures soar in the city is the beach. Not just any ole beach. These are my five favourite beaches I long for the most:

Scheveningen in Holland

The weather might not always be at its best, but even if it's chucking it down, there are loads of cool beach bars to take shelter in. Most of these beach clubs have very cool vibes and offer great food and drinks and on weekends many of them put on beach parties. Nothing beats having sun-downers on a seaside lounge bed while listening to relaxing tunes.

My Five Favourite Beaches

Maho Beach St Maarten

It's not pretty, it's not idyllic or secluded. This beach is in my top 5 because of the entertainment. The beach is located at the top of an airport runway, so watch out for incoming aircraft and jet-air blasts blowing across the sand by planes taking off.

My Five Favourite Beaches

Bermuda beaches

The beaches here are pink. Yes, pink! That alone deserves to be in any fav beach top 5.

My Five Favourite Beaches

                   This Photo of Bermuda is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Sardinia beaches

The beaches on this Italian island really took me by suprise. I never knew that European Mediterranean waters could be so clear. Standing knee high in the sea, you can see the fishes swarm around your legs and some are even so bold as to nibble on your feet.

My Five Favourite Beaches
Photo by jmj2001 off Flickr

Diani Beach Kenya

This beach is as white as can be, but the thing I love about it most, was the people watching. Don't expect the usual beach scenes like badminton games, kids playing in the sand or conspicuous changing of clothes. Here you see camels walking by, fishermen smashing octopus against the sand, and monkeys jump from tree to tree.

My Five Favourite Beaches