Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Austrian Food at Boopshi's

In my London Eats World blog series, I'm eating my way around the world without leaving London and this week I'm having Austrian food at Boopshi's.

There are a  couple of options for Austrian food in London, but instead of having dinner at the slightly tacky Tiroler Hut in Westbourne Grove, I opted for the classier Boopshi's in Fitzrovia.
No red and white checkered table cloths and live yodeling here. No, Boopshi's looks just more like a classy gastro-pub and in spite of its minimalist interior, it feels very homey and cosy.  The only thing that hints at its Austrian-ness are the vintage photographs with German scribbles hanging on the walls. When we asked what the writings meant and who the people in the photographs were, the owner explained to us that they were his grandparents and they used to call each other boosphi as a term of endearment. So hence the name.

And then there's of course the menu. Boopshi's speciality is schnitzels and spritzers (which are prosecco cocktails.) The food menu also features sausages and some other hearty sounding dishes like ox tongue and eel soup.

Photo by Boopshi's

I went for the house specialty; a chicken schnitzel with sides of french fries and sauerkraut with bacon. The chicken was perfectly crunchy, but way too big for my little self. My friend opted for the bratwurst and spaetzle which is mac & cheese Austrian style. Of course I had a little bit of a nibble on that as well.

Photo by Boopshi's

For dessert we shared an apfelstrudel grandma's style, which we drenched in custard cream. Even though we were pretty full after our mains, we managed to finish it completely. You just don't leave unfinished gorgeous apfelstrudel on your plate.

I would have loved to try the spritzers, but having alcohol was a no-no this week. Which only means that I have all the more reason to go back and try a couple of those.

You can find more information on Boopshi's website.

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  1. Sounds good! I haven't had Austrian food in London before, but it looks like I should try it!

  2. I really liked this place. And the food was awesome as well.

  3. What a great idea for a blog post series! I never would have thought to do a virtual international food tour in London. The chicken schnitzel looks delicious. We were in Austria last year but this strudel looks more inviting. I think I would pass on the ox tongue and eel soup too.

  4. Lol, yes schnitzel and strudel was a more appetizing option!

  5. Great to hear about Austrian food elsewhere! As an expatriate, I always long for the dishes of my childhood. Eating everything with my eyes.... A big Thank You!