Saturday, 20 September 2014

Garden Museum in Lambeth

garden and wars

Living in city like London, one doesn't always have the luxury of owning a garden. So a little museum such as the Garden Museum in Lambeth is like water in the dessert for garden lovers.


The Garden Museum in Lambeth is housed in an abandoned church which also happened to be the burial place of the most famous of gardeners; John Tradescant. To save the church from being demolished, some avid gardeners patched it up and transformed it into an exhibition space.

display of flowers

These days it houses a permanent exhibition on the local area and one on gardening as well that hols many cool tools such as cucumber straighteners and wasp catchers. They also put on a number of temporary exhibitions per year, all with a flowery theme of course. There is a shop in the church as well that sells all kinds of garden tools, seeds and gardening books.

church yard

The church yard is a wonderful, seventeenth century styled garden that complements the tomb of the great gardener himself and is planted with lots of lush herbs, shrubs and trees. Even if your thumbs are not all that green, it's a lovely and tranquil spot for a coffee or even lunch as there is a little tea shop that sells home made cakes and fresh soups and salads on the premises as well. It's a really little green gem in the heart of a metropolis. One where you can have a cup of chamomile tea while
sitting under an apple tree.

lunch at Garden Museum in Lambeth

Want to visit yourself? Find out more about the Garden Museum in Lambeth here.

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