Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hungarian Food at Gay Hussar

In my London Eats World series, I'm trying to eat around the world without leaving London. This week I ended up at the Gay Hussar in Soho.

When I worked in Soho, I'd never noticed this little unnoticeable place on Greek Street as it sort of blends in with all the other eateries and bars here. It's not so subdued inside. The walls are covered back to front with caricatures of people whom I didn't recognise. There were lots of books on shelves against the back wall which always gives places a homey feel.

London Eats World: Hungary

The tables were decked out with kitchy plates and salt and pepper shakers and for reasons unknown to me, hot chili peppers on a saucer.

London Eats World: Hungary

I booked an offer through TopTable so we had a menu that differed from the A la carte menu, but for £15 for two courses, why would you complain?

While I glanced over the exotic sounding dishes, I sipped on a glass of special Hungarian sparkling chardonnay. I'm no wine expert by any account, but that went down rather well.

I opted to start with a fresh asparagus salad sprinkled with bacon lardons and for the main I went with Medallions of Pork Fillet with Bacon, Onions & Paprika.  My friend had a herring salad as a started and opted for the same main.

London Eats World: Hungary

My asparagus and bacon salad was nice, but I love bacon, so anything with bacon will earn my praise. The main was slightly disappointing as it reminded me of my student days when leftovers ended up as a mash-up in one pot. The dishes on our neighbors' plates looked a lot more appealing, but they came from the a la carte menu.

London Eats World: Hungary

The herring salad was very easy on the eye and according to my friend, easy on the palate as well.

London Eats World: Hungary

I finished our meal with another one of those sparkly chardonnays.

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