Thursday, 11 September 2014

Japanese Toilets

Doing your business while travelling can be tricky stuff sometimes, especially when there's squatting or wild animals involved. However when I went to Japan a few years ago, I found that the Japanese toilets are just as high-tech as everything else in this Asian country.

Photo by Nemo's Great Uncle under Creative Commons licence
Upon my first encounter with a Japanese toilet my behind was treated to a heated seat. Yes, that's right. Japanese toilets seats are heated. Not in the someone-just-sat-here-before-me-way, but in a ooh-that'-nice-kind-of-way.

As I sat there, rosy cheeks and all, I looked to my right and noticed  an elaborate control panel with all kinds of buttons and lights. As I couldn't read the Japanese characters below the intriguing buttons and lights, I started pressing them.

Photo by Nemo's Great Uncle under Creative Commons licence

The first one produced the sound of a toilet flush, but the actual toilet wasn't flushing at all. I later found out that this is to mask any unwanted noises one makes while... er, well you know.

When I pressed the second button a spout appear from the back of the bowl and started spraying water on my lady bits. Very convenient, indeed, however I couldn't for the life of me work out how to stop it. Although pressing every single button seemed to do the trick.

Photo by Nemo's Great Uncle under Creative Commons licence

I also found a button that blew hot air on my behind, one that emitted a lovely scent around the bathroom and, I kid you not, even one that made the toilet seat go up and down. I wonder if Japanese couples never quarrel about putting the toilet seat down. I'm guessing, probably not.


  1. I LOVE Japanese toilets and am kind of shocked that they haven't made their way over to the US yet! Haha the seat warmer was one of my favorite features;-)

  2. I adore the Japanese loos, especially in winter... I loved the music/birdsong in public bathrooms too!

  3. Replies
    1. I think we should start using them here in Europe as well.