Saturday, 3 January 2015

2015 Travel Wish List

Bleeeh, January again. The parties are over, the weather is grey and the wallet empty. No better time to start thinking of exotic places I could go this year. 

I don't have any fixed plans made for 2015 yet, except for a Caribbean Cruise in February. Yes, I'm going on a cruise. It's something I never thought I'd actually do, but one of my good friends is getting married on the Cayman Islands and the entire wedding party will be partying it up on a Carnival Cruise. Besides the Caymans, we will be stopping off in Fort Lauderdale, Jamaica and Mexico. And who knows? I might come back a cruise convert.

The rest of the year is wide open, although I've got a few ideas.


Having been to Tangiers only, I can't help but really really want to see more of this colourful country. I've heard so much about the traditional Riads, the delicious food and the exciting Jemaa el Fna market. Who's coming with me?


Maybe this year will be the year I'll finally strap on some snowshoes and brave the icy temperatures of the Ice Hotel. It would also be great to get a second stab at finally seeing those elusive Northern Lights. Elusive to me that is.

Hiking the Yorkshire Three Peaks

Of course I will do a lot of hiking this year and after climbing the three peaks in the UK, there remains one more up in Yorkshire; the Yorkshire Three Peaks. No snow at the summit please!

The summit of Ben Nevis

Somewhere sunny

2014 was a very chilly year in terms of travel. It was freeeeezing in Seoul, icy in Canada and snowy in New York. So 2015 calls for sun, sand and sea. I see visions of me on a Caribbean island, lying on a sunbed with a cocktail in my hand.

Photo courtesy of Mango Beach Inn St Lucia

And of course


I will be going back to my beloved homeland a couple more times this year.

And when I'm not off to somewhere exotic:


Especially hot spots that I'll hit on my culinary world tour of London.

I think 2015 will be an excellent travel year. What does your 2015 travel year look like?


  1. Looks like a good year ahead! Ive nevrr fancied a cruise but I think a trip round the caribbean with friends and a wedding too sounds great! Have fun!! X

  2. Thanks! I think it should be a fun time.

  3. The cruise will be fantastic, it's a lovely way of arriving in a new destination each day without the stress of having to catch a plane or train. You will get blown away by Marrakech, the smells and colours are just incredible. Happy New Year Jaklien x

  4. Thanks! I am really looking forward to this year.

  5. The Cruise sounds fabulous! What a cool idea. I haven't ever tried cruising before but sure I will do one day. Xx

  6. I agree with you about the sun, sand and sea! When I first went to NY it was snowing. Lapland does sound amazing though

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. Oh it has been on the to do list for years now. Can't wait.

  7. Cruises sound like they'll be great with the right group of people - and a caribbean cruise sounds especially scrumptious!

  8. I have to say I was seriously surprised by how much I liked going on a cruise. It is for sure a different way to travel, but you will be amazed how the days just slip away.

  9. Great ideas! We are actually headed to Abisko, Sweden in February in hopes of seeing the northern lights! I am trying not to get my hopes up, though. I know the universe has to align just for people to see them. :) We will be close to the Ice Hotel, but won't be staying there, for sure! Maybe sometime when it's just me and Cory!

    1. Oh that sounds like so much fun. You'll have a wonderful time.

  10. It looks like you have lots of fun trips planned! Hope you enjoy :-) Marrakesh sounds fabulous

  11. With the current cold weather, I'm loving the sound of your Caribbean cruise - jealous!

    I look forward to reading about your adventures (hiking Yorkshire sounds incredible!) in 2015 xxx