Sunday, 11 January 2015

Breakfast Spots in Montreal

I love having breakfast, especially when it's somewhere foreign far away. When I was staying in Montreal last autumn, I wasn't all too miffed to find that my hotel didn't serve it. So on the hunt for breakfast spots in Montreal I went. Here's what I found.

Olive and Gourmando

Olive and Gourmando is located in one of the cobble-stoned streets of old Montreal. It's got that sort of cosy and warm decor that makes you feel right at home and you never want to leave again. You can get lots of different artisan breads, rolls and pastries to go, but you really want to get a table at this place and stay a while. I went twice; it was that good.
I had a granola doused with creamy yogurt and topped with fresh fruits cut a la julienne. I was extremely tempted to add one of the freshly baked muffins that seemed to stare me down as I paid for breakfast at the till. I resisted.

Breakfast Spots in Montreal

Le Cartet

Also located in Old Montreal on Rue McGill, is a lofty stop that not only serves breakfast, brunch and lunch, but also sells gourmet food to take home. There are long communal tables if you're feeling social, but you can have some alone time at individual tables as well.
I had the most scrumptious French toast I ever encountered in my life. It was served with maple syrup, of course, and whipped cream on the side and topped with an apples sauce and blueberries. Pure French toast heaven.

Breakfast Spots in Montreal

 Cafe Parvis

Cafe Parvis is located in the down-town area, just across the street of St James' Church. Parvis is the French word for an area in front of a church. Well this is a lovely area in front of a church. The floor to ceiling windows make this cafe a very bright and airy place for a bite to eat. It's got a cool decor with exposed brick walls and plants hanging from the ceiling.
They serve breakfast, brunch and lunch, but it's also a good spot to have a pizza and a glass of wine in the evening.

Breakfast Spots in Montreal


  1. These look delicious (especially that French toast at Le Cartet). When I was in Montreal recently I ate at my hotel - next time I'm there I'll have to venture out and explore some of these!

    1. Yes, do walk around. There are loads of lovely places to eat there.