Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Moroccan Food at Souk Medina

I'm eating around the world in London and this week I am having Moroccan food at Souk Medina. Now I was supposed to go for dinner here on a date, but with the risk of this review turning into a sob story; the date stood me up. Initially I went to cancel the reservation, but after a lot of coaxing from the maitre d' , I ended up staying.

 I love Souk Medina and this wasn't the first time I was here. Walking into the restaurant is like entering Aladdin's cave. There were cosy corners where punters lounging on comfy cushions were enjoying food and drinks. Exotic fabrics draped along the walls, North African wood work and lanterns giving off soft light made me feel like I was teleported to Marrakesh.

I set down at a table for one and ordered a glass of red. The menu features all the Moroccan favourites like couscous and tagines. A tagine is a traditional Moroccan dish that is cooked in a clay pot, giving it a distinct flavour. I went for a lamb tagine with pears and tomatoes in a cinnamon sauce, which was nice, although I could have done with a bit more or some bits on the side. Especially for the price they charge for a main.

Feeling slightly only the lonely, I didn't choose to have a pudding. Souk Medina is a fun place, much better enjoyed with someone.

Fancy some couscous and tagine yourself, check out their website here.

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  1. We'll have to go back and try a few more menu items :) I love their mint tea and coffee..!

  2. Is this the one in Clapham? I went to a SOUK there and was really underwhelmed by it.

    1. No, that one in Clapham is just a bar. Nothing to do with this place.