Monday, 16 February 2015

My Favourite Caribbean Islands

I'm currently on a cruise in the Caribbean. Yep, that's right, a cruise. Not something I thought I'd ever do, but one of my good friend's wedding is what brought me here. 

Now since I'm writing this pre-cruise and I read that internet doesn't come cheap on a Carnival ship, I thought I'd do a little reminiscing about previous Caribbean trips. So here are my favourite Caribbean Islands.

St Maarten

Not only is this island half Dutch and the only place in the world where Holland borders France, this islands has the coolest beach ever. Maho beach is located at the top end of the island's Juliana airport, making waves (literally) for beach goers. They go crazy every time a plane comes in to land, but the fun really kicks off when a plane is taking off. The jet stream it blasts across the sand, attracts some people (yes, me as well) to hold on to the fence behind it and literally be blown away by the sheer force.


Another Dutchie this is and although it is not the prettiest of Caribbean islands I love the fact that you can have Dutch green pea soup in a tropical setting.


I really love travelling around Cuba. I stayed with a local family and learned Spanish in Santiago de Cuba and loved learning about Cuba's history and seeing that people still grabbed life by the balls even though they had access to so few things that we here in Europe take for granted.


My holiday to Jamaica was a relaxing one, but there was one thing that I will remember for a very long time to come. I had one of the coolest animal encounter was at the Rocklands Hummingbird Sanctuary. I got to bottle feed hummingbirds here. Perched on my finger the little critters sipped sugar water from a miniature vodka bottle. It was an incredible experience.


I don't think Bermuda is technically a Caribbean islands, but this islands deserves to be in my top five. Not only does this tropical paradise have a very English twist, what really blew my mind were the pink hued beaches.

Now this cruise I'm on will take me to Cozumel, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Not a bad selection either, so stay tuned for some sun splashed blog updates soon.


  1. Awesome - I love a good cruise! Enjoy it.
    These all look like incredible destinations; I am especially keen to visit St Maarten just to see those planes land!!

  2. I've always kind of lumped Bermuda in with the Caribbean islands, so I think it fits! I've only ever been to the Bahamas and it was over 15 years ago, so I can't really weigh in on that one. I'm excited to hear how your cruise is, though! I'm sure you're enjoying beautiful weather right now - I'm jealous!!

    1. The weather was amazing. Really needed that in this dreary winter.