Thursday, 5 March 2015

Turtle Farm on the Cayman Islands

When on my cruise last week, Carnival Cruise Line offered an excursion to a turtle farm on the Cayman Islands. I always love some animal interaction, so I joined the trip with two of my friends.

Besides being one of the most popular tourist attractions on Grand Cayman, the farm also breeds turtles for research purposes. And, according to some, for people to eat. 

Anyways, we were there to just look at them. 

We saw turtles in lots of different sizes, from tiny baby turtles, to teenage turtles and retired senior turtles.

The park lets visitors hold the small turtles while professional photographers take pictures for which you need to shell out $25. A bit of a rip-off I think, although it does go to a good cause I supposed. We decided to move to another pool with fewer people and took our own pictures.

Even though I had fun on the day, I'm not sure how sustainable this conservation farm really is. There has been some controversy in the past regarding this place as they have been accused of not looking after the welfare of the turtles as much as they should. I didn't know this when we went. I also didn't know that turtles don't care much for people, especially the ones that splash about in their pool, trying to grab and hold them, My bad... I promise though, that I will be sure to do a bit more research next time I visit a conservation centre. 

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