Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Zambian Food at Fredor

I'm eating around the world without leaving London and this week I had Zambian food at Fredor, a restaurant in Forest Gate. Not the most convenient of places to get to on this foodie odyssey. It's pretty much at the end of the District Line in an area that felt very much like somewhere in the Middle East. No familiar high street shop fronts here, but lots of halal restaurants and shops selling beautifully coloured saris.

Zambian Food at Fredor

Fredor sits off the main street, which is probably why we found no other customers present the night we went. I'm glad I called ahead as I had a strong feeling that they'd opened just for us.

Zambian Food at Fredor

The owner and her nephew were extremely friendly and keen to suggest authentic Zambian dishes. 
This is what we had:

One generous portion of nshima. Like the people from Ethiopia and Eritrea use their pancakes instead of utensils, Zambians soak up their food with polenta balls called nshima. I struggled a bit to eat the Zambian way, but luckily we were given the option to eat with a fork.

One portion of white rice.

One portion of delele, which turned out to be okra boiled to slime. It tasted alright, though and apparently that's the way to eat it in Zambia.

One portion of kapenta; tiny fried fishes in a onion and tomato sauce. The fishes had a very pungent fishy smell, but actually tasted quite nice.

Zambian Food at Fredor

And one portion of beef stew, which was my favourite of the five dishes.

Zambian Food at Fredor

I had a lovely meal at Fredor, with authentic food complimented by the welcoming service of the owners.


  1. Total crooks my friend booked a table for us at Fredor, on arrival it was closed down!! We spoke to neighbours who explained, the owners of FREDOR "Dorothy Mubiana" has not paid rent to the landlord for over 1 year. Bailiffs closed the Restaurant and changed the locks..This totally ruined our evening.. why cant people run a honest business, disgusting, shame on you...

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. I had no idea as our experience was so lovely. I hope you were able to find another place to have dinner though.