Saturday, 23 May 2015

Five Alternative Museums in London

Yay, another bank holiday here in the UK, but what to do? If you're visiting London this weekend and not feeling queuing up for ages for the big-named museums, here are some alternative options to get your dose of culture.

Geffrye Museum

This museum is like going to IKEA or Habititat, but the difference is that every showroom is from a different century. And you can't buy anything. It's a wonderful display of living rooms from the 17th century till now and there are clearly marked explanations of daily customs and how things were done around the house in the particular eras.

Sir John Soane's Museum

This museum in the heart of Central London is a treasure trove of Ancient Egyptian, Roman and lots of other artifacts that Sir John Soane collected throughout his life. On Tuesday evenings the museum visitors can admire the exhaustive collection by candlelight.

Grant's Museum of Zoology

This one room museum which is part of the University College of London, houses over 67,000 specimens from the entire animal kingdom. It is the only remaining teaching zoological museum and was founded by a friend of Charles Darwin. Reasons enough to go and visit.

Dennis Severs' House

If you like immersing yourself in history, then this museum is for you. It's interesting enough to see what people lived like in the early 18th century, but here you can also smell and hear what life was like in those times. You need to book in order to visit and no talking or giggling allowed.

A visit to Dennis Severs House
Courtesy of Dennis Severs House

Garden Museum

An activity so utterly British that it's got an entire museum dedicated to it. The museum is housed in a desecrated parish church next to Lambeth Castle is a lovely place to spend a few hours. Besides a lovely garden, there is a permanent exhibition about the history of gardening and there are temporary exhibitions held here as well. There is a cosy cafe serving tea, sandwiches and pastries which is worth a visit in itself.


  1. Wow what a fab post! I didn't know about any of these museums... will definitely check them out x

  2. I didn't know there were all these different museums in London. I might see if there's anything similar in Manchester! :D

    ~ Jon |

    1. I don't know Manchester all that well ,but I am sure there will be some quirkyness around there.

  3. I completely forgot I actually visited the Geffrye Museum, until you pointed out here again what it was. And the comparison with the Ikea showroom is on point haha!
    x Maaike-

    1. It is like IKEA through the centuries. Although you can't sit or lie on anything.

  4. I really really must get my act together and visit Dennis Severs' House!