Sunday, 3 April 2016

Thai Food at the Begging Bowl

There are quite a few ethnic food places I wanted to go to for my 'Eating Around the World Without Leaving London' tour, and Thai Food at the Begging Bowl was one that I missed out on. I keep reading about this place, so yesterday I went to check it out.

The Begging Bowl is located in the posh bit of Peckham Rye which some say will soon be the spill over of Brixton. Apparently it is run and owned by a lady who travelled around SouthEast Asia for a while and was inspired by the streetfood dishes she had on her trip.

Thai Food at the Begging Bowl

 It was quite busy when I got there, but there was a table available for little ole me. It's a nice little bright place, with semi outdoor seating. Staff is very friendly, although all very English, so I was wondering how authentic the food would be.

The menu doesn't look like your bog standard Thai menu you get at your local pub. No Pad Thai or chicken curry. The dishes are more creative and adventurous than that. There is a warm salad of minced duck with mint and coriander or a venison stir fry. Their prices vary between £4.50 and £12.00 and they are meant to be shared.

Thai Food at the Begging Bowl

I went for lunch with just me so went for one dish only which was the ash baked celeriac with gola curry paste on a banana leaf and a limitless supply of jasmine rice. It was so incredibly tasty that I think I wouldn't have want to share it, even if I'd had come with a lunch buddy. It was seriously delicious.

Thai Food at the Begging Bowl

I polished it off entirely, which meant that there was no room for afters. A shame really, because I had a peek at the table behind me and they seemed to be delighted with their condensed milk ice-cream and banana pancakes with condensed milk drizzle.

That only means that I have to come back some time.

The Begging Bowl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. I have been meaning to go here for such a long time! Your food looks delicious!

    1. It was amazing. And from what I saw at the other tables, the rest was amazing too.

  2. This has been on my list since forever. I've only ever heard good things!
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