Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Year's Foodie Traditions Around the World

Another year over, another new year about to kick off. Tonight will be the start of 2017 all over the world, but the way the new year is rung in, will vary depending on where you're celebrating.


Apparently in Greece, the New Year won't bring good luck without smashing a pomegranate on the floor in front of the door. The revelation of the pomegranate seeds are supposed to bring prosperity.

Photo by Shai Barzilay under Creative Commons

Spain and Portugal

When the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve in Spain, revellers put 12 grapes in their mouths. The trick is to finish them all by midnight so good fortune will befall you throughout the new year.

New Year's Foodie Traditions Around the World


In Sweden and Norway one eats rice puddings. They place a single almond in one of the puds and whoever finds it, will await a prosperous new year (and perhaps a broken tooth).


In Japan slurping noodles without letting them break brings good luck and good fortune, so the last evening of the year is a loud affair. In fact the louder the better.

New Year's Foodie Traditions Around the World


Here in the Netherlands we ring in the new year with fried doughballs sprinkled with powdered sugar or apple beignets. It's an oily affair, but the copious amounts of bubbles will wash it down smoothly. They don't bring good luck or large amounts of fortune, they are just really really tasty.

Photo by Gwendolen under Creative Commons Licence

Where ever you will be tonight and whatever you are eating, I wish you all a fabulous 2017!! Happy New Year.

New Year's Foodie Traditions Around the World


  1. It was so interesting to read about these traditions. I think the one from Spain can be tricky if you can't eat fast. :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. There are some lovely traditions around the world, its a shame that we do nothing in the UK!

  3. I had grapes for New Year's in Madrid:) happy 2017!

  4. How fascinating! I think the Dutch one sounds like my favourite if I had to pick though! Happy New Year!